Changing the future

We are looking to offer our clients a more flexible service; carrying out a full Prefabrication services;

  • Pre wiring of Racks

  • Desks

  • Monitor Stack

  • Krone frame

  • Audio and Video Jackfield


and all that is practical to wire in advance; make Cable to specified lengths as required and delivery; all cable will be tested before leaving site. This will free up time for our clients to enable them to concentrate on the building works in the knowledge that the installation is not being held up.




Business Partners

  • Electronic Media Systems – Installation of broadcast and studio facilities

  • TNP Broadcast Sales Ltd.

  • Jalipo Internet TV- Installation of  90 channel internet TV

  • Thomson Networks Services– Installation of broadcast and network facilities

  • Ascent Media – Provide Installation Engineers for Installation of various Studios, Control Rooms, Channel 5,  Milkshake and many more.

  • Revelation  TV – Installation of audio video facilities TV Studios

  • Sun Contractors  –   Installation Engineers for lighting facilities